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Yearning’s Amatory : The Inoculate Story, Unveiling Zeal’s Amorous Reviving Intent 26 November, 2010

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 8:35 pm

Hearing of your journey, friend, tis but reflections
Always revealing, but always also distractions
Previews of subtle hues, colors of amelioration’s
Perchance might I see the painter’s intentions
Yielding the true story of the canvas’ dissensions

Bestow me your hand, & I will hold on to it dear stranger
I shall read of your tale, & maybe help write a few chapters
Ruse of emotions shall we avoid with our own callous convictions
Tho fate be a cruel temptress with deadly whimsical incantations
Hide I shall not, for the time is nigh for two paths to converge
Doomed or favored is equivocal, tis only of Schrodinger’s urge
All that I might wish for with all my might, o faceted languorous deity
Your pearly anniversary; may it be of nothing but felicitous serendipity


Better sometimes late than never
Olthough t’was late because of doubt
Reply: tho it might not be forever
Roughly, I’m offering what I’ve got
Or in this (our) case, whatever


2 Responses to “Yearning’s Amatory : The Inoculate Story, Unveiling Zeal’s Amorous Reviving Intent”

  1. aku escapist Says:

    meon, ko adalah sgt sweet.

    siapa lah stranger tu..bertuah sungguh. hiks.

  2. meonjeng Says:

    escapist, ko adalah sgt makcik-bok. sebok je…
    ternyata ko tidak mengenali/memahami, jika tidak
    nescaya bertuah akan ditukar kepada malang.

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