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live forever or die in vain 3 December, 2010

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 5:18 pm

live forever or die in vain
cos you won’t get to do it again

be courageous or hide in fear
give a smile or shed a tear

read a book or watch some porn
dance in the rain or sneer with scorn

tell the truth or cheat and lie
laugh out loud or bawl and cry

go on a picnic or sleep till noon
buy a gun or sing to the moon

fall in love or break some hearts
hug a stranger or blow a fart

think things through or be impulsive
hang with friends or be reclusive

break an oath or keep your promises
pick a fight or plant some roses

mow the lawn or piss in the gutter
end a friendship or write a love letter

choose one or choose the other
as long as the choices you consider

for we are more than just what we make
we are also the decisions that we take

live forever or die in vain
cos you won’t get to do it again


2 Responses to “live forever or die in vain”

  1. aku escapist Says:

    akhirnya satu benda yg senang dibaca dan maksudnya sampai.

  2. kau escapist Says:

    sume senang nak faham sebenarnya.
    kalau kena gayanya.
    kalau tahu caranya.

    sebagai contoh, nanti leas ni aku letak satu yg mudah utk ko paham,
    tapi org lain akan terpinga2..

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