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lalala ~ ♪♫ 13 December, 2010

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 1:36 pm

Taste, Smell, Hear, Touch
I miss you but not so much

I want to stay and yet I leave
why is this oh darling please

ti’s a sweet shiver when you I heave
oh won’t you give me some reprieve

your bouquet
bitter & delicious
make me pay
I am delirious


3 Responses to “lalala ~ ♪♫”

  1. jolie Says:

    ooo..not much ye..

    I’ll plant a seed in your heart
    and you’ll be longing like majnun
    singing a love song to the moon in the empty desert

    alah tetiba takde idea. ada progress meeting in 10 minutes. call me. bye~

  2. meonjeng Says:

    if the moon could hear me..

    I’d sing to it every day.
    sambil menepis selipar dan kasut yg dibaling oleh jiran tetangga.

  3. baling selipar kt korang.

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