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Flame-War 19 January, 2011

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 4:36 pm

the sultry schizophrenic form
of a paltry psychedelic norm
the stark forward plays
of dark sick word plays

if we scrutinize the tell-tale lies
& try to read between the lines
we might get a peek
if we care enough to seek
a beautifully deep message
or just another empty page

& sometimes,

oh verily some of the sum of our times,
a system is of the people: a people’s system

and be that as it may,

does you+her+him+them but not me make up the people
& the system is a cistern to discern our concern
a dull lulllaby of semiconducting treason
of piety’s pity when reconstructing freedom’s principle

do no limits equals
true freedom
or is true freedom
limiting yourself

and never is
a word
i shall never ever


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