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A song, fleeting 22 February, 2011

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sing to me the song of you
& I shall sing my song, too
for life indeed, is truly nothing
if it isn’t but a song, fleeting ~ ♪♫


Scorched Earth 18 February, 2011

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I thought passion’s color was red
deep & dark, bold & clear
but then you came & showed instead
true passion is the color of fire

it starts oh so slowly
calm embers with soft glowing veins
then turns suddenly
& drowns your heart in raging flames


This is for me 17 February, 2011

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when I think of you
I find words
like languid

or amorous
or felicity
pop up in my mind
like little bubbles that fizz endlessly
from a glass of soda
even though
I’m not sure what the words mean

& I think of you often

you fill me
with dread & anticipation
& hesitance
& curiosity
that feels ethereally real
like waking up
from a dream or
that I cannot quite remember
but still scares me
or makes me smile

& I do not know why
this is

I try to find excuses reasons
for you to stay
for me to want you to stay
but it feels like
randomly pushing keys on a piano
each note clear & beautiful
but I cant make them
into a melody

& you deserve to be sung
a grand tune

but come & join me for
this dance
& maybe when
I know of your melodies
& of my notes you can hear
we can make
wonderful music