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This is for me 17 February, 2011

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 1:57 am

when I think of you
I find words
like languid

or amorous
or felicity
pop up in my mind
like little bubbles that fizz endlessly
from a glass of soda
even though
I’m not sure what the words mean

& I think of you often

you fill me
with dread & anticipation
& hesitance
& curiosity
that feels ethereally real
like waking up
from a dream or
that I cannot quite remember
but still scares me
or makes me smile

& I do not know why
this is

I try to find excuses reasons
for you to stay
for me to want you to stay
but it feels like
randomly pushing keys on a piano
each note clear & beautiful
but I cant make them
into a melody

& you deserve to be sung
a grand tune

but come & join me for
this dance
& maybe when
I know of your melodies
& of my notes you can hear
we can make
wonderful music



7 Responses to “This is for me”

  1. Jolie Says:


    this is beautiful..

  2. chics Says:


  3. meonjeng Says:

    yang tgk chics ni yang.

    ke ko nak aku buat utk ko satu chics. hoho. aku chas murah je.
    satu perkataan 40 sen.

  4. chics Says:

    ciss sempat nak cas aku tu.takpe, aku pun ada [eksyen, tunggu la kau lagi 10 hari]

  5. anies Says:

    aku nak gak

  6. meonjeng Says:

    utk anies aku bg murah. 1 word = 20 sen… =p

  7. alalalalaallala.. sweet nya… dah lama tak bukak blog English berabok ni.. hehehe

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