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darkest light 1 March, 2011

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 12:00 am

we believe cos we believe that they believe, we believe what they believe,

they tell us left is left & right is right
& we believe
they tell us wrong is wrong & right is right
& we believe
they tell us that day is light & dark is the night
& we believe

who choses them? who are they?

pious philosophers that sit under the stars to dream of specious higher powers,
or soldiers that showcase battle scars & decide violence is always the answer,
or slick suits with hidden agendas that scheme of self-lucrative ventures,
or tree-hugging free-love enigmas who think that everyone is a brother?

the rage of the ages
the curse of the plagues,
an epidemic concocted by the malignant syndrome

the worst of life’s stages
the vague shadow of vices;
our accepted lies, & submission to the palindrome:

of what we are taught
we teach again in return
& when it is fought
we preach to be listened
but when we feel caught
we screech for a new turn
our nature is wrought
to reach without a reason

& then we blame
everything; all but by what we gain
then do the same
everything; everything all over again

we flee from those who chase us, & chase those who from us they flee
we set free what we should confine, & confine what we should set free
we flaunt examples of our powers, when we should lead with the power of example
& our principles easily we compromise, when we should compromise with principle

*insert oxymoronic paragraph*

we judge always by the same differences, but we demand our judges be different
we forget what needs our remembrance, & remember what needs be forgotten


3 Responses to “darkest light”

  1. adiecantek Says:

    love the last parttt
    we judge always by the same differences, but we demand our judges be different
    we forget what needs our remembrance, & remember what needs be forgotten

  2. jolie Says:

    giving how different we are, I am surprised at how similar our view of the world is. heheh!

  3. meonjeng Says:

    haha adie. time kasih. nanti jumpa ko 1/5 eh. good luck!

    cik jolie, I think we have more in common then you care to admit..

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