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Own 30 May, 2011

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The love I own
it knows no boundaries
as it is sown
by those that’re around me
& it has shown
life’s a profound mystery
so I have grown
to accept & leave it be

but still
it doesn’t mean I’m forfeiting
not until
the last of my breath is leaving


celakalah 24 May, 2011

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grass glades
ever green
bloody blades

shadows at noon
hide from the luminescence
battles in bloom
light up the abominations

we soil god’s beautiful soil with plagues of hate
of self-justified meals for selfish means
on barbaric, nefarious and heinous plates
then paint them with an obscure & concealing sheen

to those in power
and they who cower
the ignorant
the tyrants

we are all equal
what differs is our way
of good or evil;
to hold true, or sway


degil 18 May, 2011

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I am always a fool, a hopeless romantic
my body’s a tool, consistently eccentric

for I follow me blindly, without reserve
crazily foolhardy, I get what I deserve

tis of little concern; of chance, choice or bloody coincidence
for in life – in the little dances – it makes no farkin difference