El Meon Klahiko

I Wrote What I Write, I Write What I Like – With A Jeng!

ﺇﻝ ﻜﻶﺤﭝﮑﯡ 17 September, 2008

Jeng isn’t about words,
It isn’t about actions,

Jeng is a state of mind.

Jeng ain’t what you say,
It ain’t what you do,

Jeng is what you are.

Jeng is not just an idea,
more than a concept,

Jeng is a way of life.


& you might take yourself out of Jengness,
But you can’t ever take the Jeng out of you.


3 Responses to “ﺇﻝ ﻜﻶﺤﭝﮑﯡ”

  1. xumb Says:

    meonjeng itu adalah suatu anunchgerah

  2. lucydiamond Says:

    nape this entry takde bile click home??

  3. meonjeng Says:

    this ain’t a post. its a page. kena klik kat atas belah kanan tu…

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